“In My Father's House, There Are Many Mansions” explores the intricate inheritance of family histories. It revolves around the concept of deciphering legacies through writings, photographs, and cherished possessions. It delves into the way a person's identity is shaped by the meticulous curation of these artifacts, weaving a narrative from fragments of the past. The project's origins trace back to a 14-year eviction battle between my father and his siblings over my grandfather's will. In the summer of 2022, this battle reached a mournful conclusion, forcing my father from his cherished home, which was subsequently sold. The abrupt removal of our family's presence added to the profound sense of displacement and grief. As I documented the house, it unexpectedly became a means to connect with my late grandparents. Archiving their possessions revealed vivid insights into their lives, uncovering their interests, achievements, and insecurities through writings, photographs, and memorabilia. It illuminated their multifaceted identities, capturing moments of joy and loss and the profound love that bound their family together. The images encapsulate two distinct periods: one when my father still resided in the house, and the other after the home was stripped of its soul, leaving only the remnants we managed to salvage in a fleeting window of time. In every frame, I sought to convey the beauty and significance that my grandparents attached to their collected treasures, the tangible memories immortalized in newspaper clippings, and the enduring love that radiated from the framed photographs on the walls. These fragile legacies, so easily shattered, have been preserved in this project, a testament to the importance of capturing and preserving our family stories for future generations.